Listen To Your Body

[Cont'd from: First Day Blues]

While London was upstairs enjoying his alone time I took a moment for pause. Eyes closed, deep inhale. Exhale.





(Yes, this is how my mind works.)


Whenever I have an immediate calling for something in this way I find it to be SO thrilling. I attribute this feeling to a state of connection, mind and body. When we stop and close our eyes and reconnect with our bodies, man, we will ALWAYS hear what we really need.


Our bodies KNOW. Helllooooo. Made to know. Created to heal itself, if we listen closely.


In modern society we are trained to mute or numb-out the signs, signals and warnings our body systems call out to us. We turn to medication, drugs or alcohol to put a band-aid on the alert versus digging deep to discover where the underlying issue is and work with nature to nurture and resolve the ailment in a holistic way.


I truly believe all the support our body could ever need is found in nature. Put here FOR A REASON, to assist our body in healing itself. Putting ITSELF back into a state of balance.


(P.S., For the weirdos, I'm NOT talking about when you have a freak tree-trimming accident and cut your arm off with a chainsaw. I AM talking about the ever so small signals your body sends you daily i.e., headaches, back pain, joint pain, fatigue, mood swings, etc. that you ignore or mask until a larger, often chronic issue arises.)


For example, yesterday when I was feeling overwhelmed after a therapy session where I uncovered a lack of self trust, back-to-school emotions on high and a disconnect with my little dude when he didn't want to talk about his day, I felt a strong urge for some deep breathing. That's it.


I listened and closed my eyes. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.


As I opened my eyes geranium popped into my head. Okay, I thought, guess I need some geranium.


I grab the geranium, head over to the diffuser and get it rolling.


Anytime this happens I have a deep curiosity for WHY I had a craving for that particular oil, in that particular moment. I turn to Emotions & Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing.


M-f-ing spot on. Every. Time.


Geranium = The Oil of Love & Trust

xo tamra.jpg