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Man, the power of cleansing and decluttering is REAL. Did you know this? Did you know your space is affecting YOU.



Total disaster.


Your belongings – furniture, clothing, what-nots – carry an energy about them. Maybe this is something from the past, an event, a conversation, memories of a beautiful or difficult time.


This is exactly why WHAT you keep around you is so important to pay attention to. These seemingly average items are shaping your thoughts about your home, yourself and therefore your life.


A quick example:


Everyday you come home and walk into your closet to change clothes from work to relaxation. In your closet is a pile of clothes that needs washed, tons of clothes hanging that you roll your eyes at everyday because you don't “like” them anymore, and maybe a feeling of just complete disarray as there is no rhyme or reason behind why what's hanging where or shoved there.


The feeling you get while being in your closet is creating an idea about yourself, “My closet is a mess. I have nothing to wear. I need [new shoes, clothes, etc.].” And just like that you've set in to motion (or are perpetuating) a mentality of lack.


And let me just tell you that “lack” you think you have will reproduce and reproduce and reproduce UNTIL you realize all that you have already.


Enter in the cleansing, the decluttering, the get rid of anything you have that makes you feel like you don't have enough.


This is my go-to when my vibe about the material things in my space are no longer serving me in a positive light.


I've been on a MAJOR overhaul the past year or so. Typically, I do this deep cleanse of belongings twice a year but in the last year it has 100% been every couple of months. [Make sense considering the large shifts that have taken place in the last year: baby, businesses, etc.]


I'm talking every. Little. Thing. If it does not serve me, fit me, make me smile... buh bye.


So, to that note... I'll share with you what's currently going on. The end of May, after moving the studio I gave my living room and kitchen a MUCH NEEDED make-over. The space had been feeling incredibly dense and suffocating. It was time for a face lift (I'm sure I'll share details soon) and I knew that once I completed the downstairs it wouldn't be long until the upstairs was calling my name.


Call it did, which is why I still sit surrounded by shoeboxes, cards, old purses and the like, on my closet floor breathing deeply. It's almost done. But another round of clothes from hangers into bins and off to the donate pile was necessary.


Here's why:


I am trying to LEVEL UP PEOPLE. Raise the vibration of my home and myself... to enter into the next stage of abundance in my life which means departing from ALL THINGS holding you back. And yes, that can one thousand percent be that 10 year old pair of shoes in the back of your closet collecting dust. I. AM. SERIOUS.


It's funny, sure. LOL. But true nonetheless.

Moral of the story, look around you. Check out every room of the house. Especially your closet or whatever space is where you prepare yourself and set your intention (subconscious or otherwise) for the day. See if you can find the items that are blocking you from the next step, whatever that may be.

AFTER! [Minus a little wall decor that needs to go up!]

AFTER! [Minus a little wall decor that needs to go up!]



Need some encouragement? Grab a friend. Or hey, I can hold your hand. And I'd love it!

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